Farm-to-Child, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

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When children are involved in gardening, good things happen. They show more interest in eating fruits and vegetables, do better academically, and demonstrate overall improved attitudes.

The staff of the Farm-to-Child Program believe that, if children are to be our leaders of tomorrow, we need to set them up to achieve great success. We strive to do so by helping schools throughout Southern Arizona get gardens started. In doing so, children at those schools are given access to fresh produce and the opportunity to learn about local food production in a safe and fun environment.

We work with the parents and teachers at more than 15 Tucson-area schools to provide technical assistance, workshops, and training on everything from composting, hen raising, and aquaponics to container- and in-ground gardening and food safety.

We ensure the benefits of the program reach beyond the walls of the garden by partnering with key administrators and TUSD food service staff. We arrange food demos to generate excitement, recruit and train volunteers to help in the garden and cafeteria, and encourage school leadership to use garden-grown and local produce in student lunches.

By sharing our expertise on growing food in the desert, we are inspiring future generations of healthy eaters and food justice advocates who will lead the way in making our community one that is hunger-free.

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