Einstein Edible School Yard

Program Type: 
Garden Classrooms
Grade Level/Age Group: 
Middle School
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About the Program: 

Started in 2009, the Einstein Edible School Yard involves all 8th graders and some 7th graders directly in organic vegetable gardening throughout the school year. It is based on the ESY in Berkeley and the principles in Richard Louv's book, Last Child in the Woods. The gardens teach about water quality, care of the soil, basic life skills, self-confidence, health and nutrition, and leadership. Involvement in the gardens also increases school attachment for increased academic achievement. They are also used for field stuides in science classes. Student return from the summer vacation to gardens flowing over with herbs, tomatoes and green beans. In the Fall they do garden clean up and plant cover crop and garlic. In the late winter they start plants under grow lights or in the greenhouse. In the spring they plant and harvest, eating salads prepared fresh from the garden for weeks! We have a garden sampler feast on Campus Day in June. Many community organizations and businesses have contributed to our success.

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