The Edible Schoolyard at the Greensboro Children's Museum

About the Program: 

The Edible Schoolyard at the Greensboro Children’s Museum broke ground in September 2009 when Alice Waters came to Greensboro, North Carolina. As the only official affiliate of the original Edible Schoolyard located at a children’s museum, this garden has both a local and a national impact. Since the grand opening in May 2010, the Edible Schoolyard has welcomed over 180,000 visitors many of whom are museum members participating in scheduled programming.

The Edible Schoolyard includes a hands-on, half-acre organic teaching garden and a kitchen classroom where children and their families and teachers learn about growing, cooking, and sharing fresh, delicious food. With an ecosystem of plants and animals, the garden features vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs, as well as chickens, rabbits, worms and insects. The Edible Schoolyard team at the Greensboro Children’s Museum believes that understanding and participating in the seed to table process helps children develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Come see for yourselves!

Program Members: 
Hailey Moses
Jennifer Bedrosian