Edible Campus Project

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Garden Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms
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About the Program: 

We are from an agriculture university(South China Agriculture University)in Guangzhou, China. Our campus is huge and people in our university do have lots of interested in planting, food, culture, sustainability.

Our research group is trying to organize different resources, people to improve our relationship with each other and improve the environment. Food, Planting, Environmental Education and Research, are media for us.

For the research, we are paying more attention to the technology of horticulture and landscape architecture. We build an edible roof garden to find suitable edible plants and design logic in our region. The research result is shared with the public.
For the community, we are trying to do the community empowering with planting and food. We organize workshops and courses for both students and residents in Guangzhou.

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