Cyclops Farms: Farm Education

Program Type: 
Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Support Organization, Business
Grade Level/Age Group: 
Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adults/Professionals, Other
About the Program: 

Cyclops Farms has a mission of "Keeping an Eye on Our Food Systems."

Cyclops Farms Farm Education serves a community of socio-economic and culturally diverse individuals. Our education begins from the true organic roots “digging in the dirt” and knowing where your food source is generated through a closed-loop system. This includes trials and successes from tilling to seeding, nurturing to harvest, purchasing to meal planning, and composting for sustainability.

Students learn the cycles of food system through many systems via seed propagation, soil amendment, watering systems and cycles, weather and how it plays a role in food grow, and the importance of organic growing.