Cornerstone Permaculture

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Garden Classrooms
Grade Level/Age Group: 
Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, College/University, Adults/Professionals, Other
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About the Program: 

Cornerstone Permaculture is an ever-growing Permaculture farm, based on 4 acres of field and forest at the Headwaters of the Winooski River. 

Here we grow any and all perennial food and supplemental annuals that we can.  From Winter Squash to Buckwheat, Hardy Kiwi to Balck Walnuts, and everything hady in between.  Landscape Design plays a huge part in this project, as it is a residence for a young family of three.  We strive to utilize permaculture principles, such as having each variety or plant have 3 or more functions in order to be considered useful on the farm. 

It is a daily learning environment here, and look forward to proceeding with our 2012 development plans.  Cornerstone Permaculture seeks to develop into a CSPc, or  Community Supported Permaculture farm.  In this venture, we will deliver shares of food & fruit produced on the farm, vegan items sourced from the Northeast Kingdom, education & design session and community dinners which will celebrate all of these components...

With your help, we hope to move forward here in the great state of VERMONT!

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