The Charlie Cart Project

Program Type: 
Kitchen Classrooms
Grade Level/Age Group: 
Lower Elementary, Kindergarten
Number of Individuals Program Serves: 
Year Founded: 
About the Program: 

The Charlie Cart Project is an integrated educational program that connects food and cooking with lessons in Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. We combine a rigorous curriculum with a mobile kitchen classroom to deliver hands-on nutrition education in any learning environment.

Today, many children in this country take their main – and sometimes only – meals at school. They are not eating together with their families, and they don't know where their food comes from. Over the course of their lifetime, their food choices will impact not only their own health, but the health of their communities and the environment.  

The Charlie Cart Project provides the tools and knowledge children need to make healthy choices for life. Cooking is an ideal medium for learning: it is hands-on, engaging and rewarding. Hands-on learning promotes success across disciplines and develops collaboration, critical thinking skills, and subject mastery. 

The Charlie Cart Project complements programs where gardens or limited cooking are already place, and provides an easy point of entry for schools that are just getting started with food education. 

Program Members: