Anacostia High School Garden Club

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We are a club at Anacostia High School (a Title I public school school) that meets weekly to provide an after school activity and volunteer opportunities for students. Our students are brilliant, strong young individuals that learn best through hands-on, project-based learning. Every student we work with has a disability that requires they learn in a self-contained setting, and these students have faced many hardships throughout their short lives. They not only want to engage in learning - they want to see how learning can benefit them directly through short-term goal-setting and achievement. As a way to engage my students, we plan to provide those in need with healthy food from the garden for them to bring home to eat. In the spring, this garden will specifically grow food for our Anacostia students in need (plus their families) as a way to engage our community and support healthy eating! 

Program Members: 
Molly Mus
Founder, Teacher