Postville Community Garden

Program Type: 
School Cafeterias, Garden Classrooms
Grade Level/Age Group: 
High School, Middle School, Upper Elementary, Lower Elementary, Kindergarten
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Year Founded: 
About the Program: 

 The Postville Community Garden is a beautiful and sprawling space dedicated to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to grow their own food.  About a third of the garden is grown for and by students from Postville Community School District.  During the growing season, elementary students gather on a weekly basis to care for the garden, learn about growing practices, and prepare a healthy snack.  All food produced by the garden is either sent home with the students who grow it, or sent to the school cafeteria.  Led by Master Gardener, Judy Egeland, a team of dedicated volunteers run the program.

Additionally, several raised beds for vegetables are located outside of the district's cafeteria.  In the Fall, Food Service Director, Laurie Smith, regularly harvests tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions from these beds for the school's veggie bar.

Program Members: