Food Memory 


What is a food memory you have with someone you love? Today you will watch a video from StoryCorps of a granddaughter telling a story about cooking with her grandmother. After reflecting on some of the details of the story, you will get a chance to write your own story or food memory.

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In this animated short video from StoryCorps, Chloe Longfellow shares a story of cooking with her grandmother. Watch the short video.


In the video, Chloe discusses the life lessons her grandmother taught her while they cooked. Complete a 3, 2, 1 reflection on the video. 

  • Write down three facts, phrases, or ideas discussed in the video. Think about the lessons Chloe’s grandmother taught her or the memories Chloe shared about her grandmother. 
  • Write two things you found interesting about the video
  • Write down one question you have after watching the video
Recall a memorable food experience; think about a time when sharing food connected you with your family or friends. This might be a favorite holiday feast, birthday celebration, or just an ordinary meal. What was the food? Why was it special? Who was there? Why do you still remember this occasion? Write or draw your response on a piece of paper. 
Ask someone in your family to tell you about a time that sharing food created a connection with others. Fill out their response in the Food Memory Template. On the template you will find some prompts to help you remember specific details, and a space to draw a picture if you want to illustrate the story.



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