Recommended Reading

Food Is a Basic Need: Dealing With Hunger on College Campuses

Higher Education Today
May 31, 2017

Colleges and universities struggle to deal with student hunger. (Photo: Daderot via Wikimedia Commons)


Feeding Young Minds: The Importance of School Lunches

The New York Times
June 5, 2017

School meals play an essential role in student success. (Photo: Paul Rogers via New York Times)

In the Fields with Ben Burkett

Civil Eats
May 26, 2017

Ben Burkett talks about the challenges and joys of growing food. (Photo via Civil Eats)


Kentucky Is Making It Easier for Organizations to Donate Extra Food

Modern Farmer
May 30, 2017

A law in Kentucky makes donating food easier. (Photo: Jeremy Keith via Wikimedia Commons)


During Ramadan, Home Cooks Shine

The New York Times
May 26, 2017

Family meals take special importance during the month of Ramadan. (Photo: Brittany Greeson via New York Times)


Why killing coyotes doesn’t make livestock safer

The Conversation
May 29, 2017

A researcher advocates for non-lethal methods in controlling predators. (Photo: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region via Wikimedia Commons)