Edible Education 101 at UC Berkeley: 2015




PART I – "The Trouble with the Food System"
  • January 26th: "A Brief History of the Modern Food System" by Michael Pollan
  • February 2nd: "The Ecological Crisis as a Crisis of Agriculture" AND "Linking Farm Policy to Health Policy in the Global Economy" Garrison Sposito and Marion Nestle 
  • February 9th: "The Hands That Feed You" by Eric Schlosser  
  • March 2nd: "The Long Green Revolution" by Raj Patel with Mark Bittman  
PART II – "Getting Back to the Right Food System" 
  • March 9th: "Mimicking Nature: Woodleaf Farm's Ecological Design" by Carl Rosato and Helen Atthowe  
  • March 16th: "Of Peaches and Power: Myths, Legends, and the Mundane of Family Farming" by Mas Masumoto and Nikiko Masumoto with Robert Hass  
  • March 30th: "Sustainable Farming through Agroecology" by Stephen Gliessman with Mark Bittman  
PART III – "Building the Food Movement"
  • April 6th: "Fixing a Broken Food System: Some Ideas" by Claire Kremen  
  • April 13th: "Teaching Slow Food Values in a Fast Food World: Who Will Grow Tomorrow's Food and Who Will Be Eating It?" by Alice Waters and Craig McNamara with Robert Hass  
  • April 20th: "With Liberty, Justice, and Sovereignty for All" by Anim Steel and Sara Mersha with Mark Bittman  
  • April 27th: "What's Next for the Food Movement?" with Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman