Recommended Reading

Published: September 25, 2017
Wholesome Wave
Honoring a pioneering advocate for affordable and accessible food. (Photo: Dan Rosenbaum via Wholesome Wave) 
Published: September 22, 2017
Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities
Alice Waters visits an innovative school meal programs in Northern Michigan. (Photo: Nickel Design, Inc. via Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities) 
Published: September 17, 2017
The Salt
A civil rights icon reflects on years of organizing. (Photo: Jon Lewis/Courtesy of LeRoy Chatfield via NPR) 
Published: September 15, 2017
The Lunch Tray
The Chef Ann Foundation launches an online course on school food management. 
Published: September 11, 2017
Civil Eats
A study explores the potential for organic farms to trap carbon. (Photo: UGA College of Ag and Environmental Sciences via Flickr)  
Published: September 7, 2017
The New York Times
Students and teachers grapple with the end of DACA. (Photo: Karsten Moran via the New York Times)
Published: September 6, 2017
New York City rolls out free school lunch for all students. (Photo: DC Greens via Flickr) 
Published: August 29, 2017
Desert tea connects Navajo communities to their heritage. (Photo: Ada Cowan via NPR)
Published: August 28, 2017
Honolulu Civil Beat
A farm to school program in Kauai serves healthful, culturally relevant foods. (Photo: Malama Kauai via Honolulu Civil Beat) 
Published: August 21, 2017
Civil Eats
A California bill would include more minority farmers on agricultural governing bodies. (Photo: Farmer Mai via Civil Eats)