Planting Seeds of Change , An Edible Educational Endeavor

Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Grade/Age: Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School
Number Served: 500-1,000
Year Founded: 2008

Planting Seeds of Change
Improving the Health of Our Community through
An Edible Educational Endeavor

About Planting Seeds of Change

PSOC has been recognized by the Oregon Department of Health, Oregon Department of Education – Farm to School programs and the Oregon Master Gardeners Association (Search for Excellence Award 2011) as a model garden-based educational program for the state of Oregon. We are a volunteer/staff arm of the Lebanon Community School District and a completely volunteer program for Sweet Home School District #55, Planting Seeds of Change works under the non-profit status of each school district. We are dedicated to inspiring and educating people to garden organically and conserve natural resources, while supporting local food systems in order to cultivate a healthy environment and community.
We are teaching students through school Teaching Gardens where their food comes from, how to grow it and changing their nutrition intake by offering fresh, whole, organic foods to them through the gardens and their cafeterias. Our programs include Teaching Gardens at elementary and middle schools, youth garden programming, nutrition and cooking classes, physical exercise, and ecological development training, our volunteer program, classes and workshops, and a Production Garden/Orchard in Lebanon growing food for the school cafeterias.
A pilot nutrition program, in conjunction with PSOC gardens has been started by the medical students at Western University. This program will go into full production next year taught by the soon to be doctors; next year an expanded physical education program will go into effect ‘in the PSOC gardens’.

Mission Statement

To improve the health of our community through organic gardening education and nutritious food preparation instruction, thus establishing and maintaining life-long healthy eating habits.

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