Nightingale Montessori

Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Grade/Age: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
Number Served: 100-500
Year Founded: 2015

Nightingale Montessori has an established cooking program with student participation that is part of our National Lunch and Breakfast Program. We have found that when children participate in the preparation of healthy food, they eat healthy food. We would like to expand this experience and include vegetables from a school garden into the cooking program. We have initiated plans to grow food to be utilized in this cooking program. We plan to expand to grow tomatoes and green beans with students. Students will participate at the planting stage and continue to care for their plants through harvest. We will then make and preserve our own spaghetti sauce from the tomatoes and green beans to be utilized through our school months. The other vegetables we plan to grow will be utilized during the harvest season. We have started an aquaponic system to grow herbs for the cooking program and to start a small winter garden. If this project bring herbs to fruition we plan to also grow garlic and shallots.

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Nightingale Montessori

Last updated October 10, 2017