MARC Community and School Garden

Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, Academic Classrooms, Support Organization
Grade/Age: Middle School, High School
Number Served: 500-1,000
Year Founded: 2015

Our garden program is one piece of our community's goal to make healthy food accessible and affordable for all residents. Our goal is for students to be invested in both their own health and the environment; we believe they can do this by working outside and developing a relationship with the garden space. When students are involved in the process of growing and preparing food, we believe they will be more excited to eat fresh foods. Our middle school students participate in hands-on food-based lessons in the garden and classroom, solidifying academic concepts through experiential learning. High school vo-tech students participate in building, planting, and using the garden produce. In the summer, much of the garden is rented by community gardeners to grow their own food. A summer youth program also opperates out of the garden. Shared work sessions, workshops, and potlucks bring the community gardeners together every week; gardeners represent a variety of economic backgrounds and include young adults, children, and elderly residents.

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