Los Gatos High School Agroecology and Culinary Program

Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, Academic Classrooms
Grade/Age: High School
Number Served: 100-500
Year Founded: 2014

The Agroecology program at Los Gatos High School focuses on the sustainable cultivation of annual edible and ornamental plants, while the Culinary program focuses on the diverse food cultures from around the world.  These programs collaborate throughout the year, and have the aspiration of including the school cafeteria as part of their curriculum.

Composting, biodiversity, seed saving, Integrated Pest Management, plant anatomy and reproduction, soil science, water conservation and food preparation are empahsized throughout the year.

As each plant goes through its complete lifecycle, we will have the opportunity and privilege to observe and document all the stages of its life, from seed to seedling to mature plant to reproductive stage.

These courses emphasize the art of actively creating and constructing our food instead of passively consuming… this ideological framework can then also be applied to education, entertainment, mental and physical health, relationships, travel, and almost all areas of life.

Traditionally these programs have served academically at-risk youth, and a high proportion of special education students.

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