Bears Care Garden - Beachwood Elementary School Garden Project

Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Grade/Age: Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary
Number Served: 500-1,000
Year Founded: 2015

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The Bears Care Garden, Beachwood Elementary School Garden Project is made possible by a garden committee comprised of a group of parents, school administrators, teachers and community members who wanted to start and maintain a school garden.

This school garden is an excellent way for children learn how to grow and know the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement classroom instruction and spend more time outdoors. It's is an education tool that connects the classroom to the real world and gives children hands on skills and experience raising food and caring for the environment. The School Garden Coordinator is Mrs. Theresa Lindemann. Beachwood Elementary school is located in Ocean County New Jersey.

Funding and support for the project so far has been a combination of volunteers, local fundraising and generous donations for our student's families and local community. 

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