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Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Do you wish your Permaculture Design skills were stronger?
Are you ready to learn the skills you need to design your home or other landscape?
Want to take your skills beyond the backyard and begin to explore a career...

Program AdminInda Liza Luciano
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Support Organization
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Explore the foundations of permaculture through presentations, discussions, field trips, and hands-on building experiences. This in-depth course offers practical methods to help you and your yard, landscape or community garden become a part of the global movement of...

Program AdminInda Liza Luciano
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Support Organization
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Want to learn more about growing your own fresh vegetables?

Do you love to be outdoors with friends getting your hands dirty?

Sign up to our Garden Cooperative with Farmer Dave or for a class or tour! 

Program AdminInda Liza Luciano
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Support Organization
Tucson, Arizona

When children are involved in gardening, good things happen. They show more interest in eating fruits and vegetables, do better academically, and demonstrate overall improved attitudes.

The staff of the Farm-to-Child Program believe that, if children are to be our...

Program AdminChris Mazzarella
Program Type: Garden Classrooms
holtville, California

FARM SMART is the outreach component of University of California Desert Research and Extension Center in Holtville, CA.  It has been widely recognized in the community for its K-12 programs as well as the Winter Visitor adult program.  Over 135,000 people have been...

Program AdminStacey Wills
Program Type: Farm Based, Support Organization
Stevensville, Michigan

Hollywood Elementary School has a school garden that serves as a laboratory for plants study and as a place to learn about fresh food.  The children of the school are involved with maintenance of the garden, and do exploratory classes under the direction of adult...

Program AdminPerry Heppler
Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Corpus Christi, Texas

SMA Gardening Club is a group that meets weekly to maintain a school garden.  It is student lead and maintained.  The students are responsible for planting, weeding, watering, tilling, and any other necessary tasks in the garden.  The produce grown in the...

Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Los Angeles, California


M I S S I O N 

Hi, We’re AKASA. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides a diversified Wellness Curriculum to low-income communities in Los Angeles utilizing the tools of mindfulness, cooking and gardening to reconnect...

Program AdminAshleigh Parsons
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, Academic Classrooms
Walnut Creek, California

We are a public Montessori charter with a well-established community of support.

We have a small-scale year-round garden featuring pollination forage, natives, medicinal and edible plants. We integrate Montessori practices and philosophies into Nature Study and care...

Program AdminAmy Chionis
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Academic Classrooms
Alameda, California

Small groups of students are pulled out of the Outdoor Development Class and the Environmental Science class to spend time with the Seed to Table teacher, Lorri Garrett. They plant, grow, harvest, cook and eat organic produce. Being on the estuary, Lincoln Middle School...

Program AdminLorri Garrett
Program Type: Garden Classrooms