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Novato, California

Hamilton School's garden allows students of all backgrounds to learn about where their food comes from. In doing so they are able to make healthier food choices and take ownership of their nutrition. It also provides an opportunity for students to get out of the classroom...

Program AdminRebecca Abrams
Program Type: School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms
Bedford, Indiana

Lincoln Elementary Green Thumbs School is located in the small, rural, Indiana town of Bedford, known for its limestone industry.  Our gardens began originally as a project for Mrs. Hooten’s 5th grade class back in 2015.  She and her 27 students rented a...

Program AdminJamie Hooten
Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan

The Philosophy of Humming Edible School Garden Project

Feel nature, learn for life.


Grow safe and healthy food.


Eat our fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Program AdminMasaaki Matsumoto
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms
Danville, California

We are a before and afterschool program in the Danville/San Ramon area and we are located on 15 elementary school sites. Our program focuses on providing healthy snacks for the children and they also participate in family style eating during snack time. Each site has a garden...

Program AdminElizabeth Castillo
Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Danville, California

Kids Country is  an afterschool program operating  15 sites at Elementary Schools in San Ramon and Danville, CA   Last year, inspired by a visit to the ESY, we launched our Edible Education Project.  We   recruited staff who shared...

Program AdminLynda Ryan
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms
Omaha, Nebraska

We represent a diverse geographic and socioeconomic range across the largest city in Nebraska. We serve a wide variety of students and families from low to high economic status, including free and reduced lunch, ELL, refugee, minority, special education and migrant citizens....

Program AdminLee Ann Stover
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Academic Classrooms
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fare Table is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota committed to helping provide an equitable and sustainable food system.

Program AdminKathy Rappos
Program Type: Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias
Ubud, Indonesia

We are developing a gold standard Buddhist Education with a curriculum and methodology that encourages the balanced development of the spiritual and material life of students that will equip them with the values, knowledge, competencies, and practical life skills to live full...

Program AdminNoa Jones
Program Type: Academic Classrooms
Sitka, Alaska

Pacific High School (PHS) is an alternative 9-12 school where we use an experiential, competency-based approach to learning. We are located in Sitka, Alaska, an island fishing town off the road system, reachable by boat or plane with a population of approx 8,000 people. We...

Program AdminMargaret Gallin
Program Type: Kitchen Classrooms
Gainesville, Florida

Our Farm to School and Community (F2SC) program makes Florida-grown foods more accessible to SNAP-eligible people in Florida. The F2SC team approaches Farm to School holistically by partnering with a variety of stakeholders throughout the food system. We work with ...

Program AdminHeather Henderson
Program Type: Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms, Support Organization