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Trenton, New Jersey

Improving school food. Promoting locally grown produce. Educating through school gardens.

We are a non profit based in New Jersey that works with partners across the state to promote school garden education and to help schools find...

Program AdminBeth Feehan
Program Type: Support Organization
Springfield, Ohio

Nightingale Montessori has an established cooking program with student participation that is part of our National Lunch and Breakfast Program. We have found that when children participate in the preparation of healthy food, they eat healthy food. We would like to expand this...

Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Savannah, Georgia

Seed to Fibre is a program that was developed as an activity for Farm to School Month. The Seed to Fibre program grew from an activity into a service project to be used by various non- profits to introduce activities to schools and out of school programs about Farm to School...

Program AdminCamille Hulbert
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Support Organization
Whitehall, Michigan

The Real Food SEED (Student Engagement Every Day) project is designed to provide students with authentic learning opportunities connecting them to real food through sensory experiences.  Our programs in the school cafeteria, classroom, school garden, and...

Program AdminLynn DeVlieg
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms
Tucson, Arizona

When children are involved in gardening, good things happen. They show more interest in eating fruits and vegetables, do better academically, and demonstrate overall improved attitudes.

The staff of the Farm-to-Child Program believe that, if children are to be our...

Program AdminChris Mazzarella
Program Type: Garden Classrooms
Edmonds, Washington

Baton Health is a health improvement delivery company providing education services, namely mentoring and coaching classes, seminars and workshops in the field of evidence-based health improvement and well-being in community.  We believe sound research, shared values and...

Program AdminLisa Marquart
Program Type: Farm Based, Support Organization, Business
Santa Monica, California

Untitled No. 1 will serve 12-20 prekindergarten children at our early education center (converting from a single family residence) beginning Fall 2018.  We will meet LEED and WELL certification standards for environmental health including community and individual...

Program AdminLaila Taslimi
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Our farm to school program (CLIPPERS Farm to School) in the Portsmouth, NH School District and Nutrition Department has been made possible by the receipt of USDA Planning and Implementation grants. We are currently half way through our Implementation Grant period with a...

Program AdminKate Mitchell
Program Type: Garden Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms
Atlanta, Georgia

Sagamore Hills Elementary School's S.T.E.M. Garden program was developed to give our students the opportunity to put the knowledge gained in the classroom to work in a real world environment. Having them leave the confines of the traditional classroom and get...

Program AdminTasha Messer
Program Type: Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms, Support Organization, Business
Colorado Springs, Colorado

 We are a new Waldorf methods based charter school in Colorado Springs with Agricultural Arts and Cooking Nutrition as an integral part of our curriculum.  Although 33% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch, we have chosen to be ...

Program Type: Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, Academic Classrooms