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world to build and share a K-12 edible education curriculum

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Watch our latest video, highlighting the growing mandate for edible education.

Edible education is making an impact in communities all over the world. Learn about the innovative work being done and support the incredible people doing it. If you have a program, join the network and share your story!

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The Edible Schoolyard Project trains educators from around the world to create powerful and sustainable edible education programs in their schools and communities. Applications for this summer's training programs open on January 23rd. 

Edible Education 101 is back in session! 

Each week, prominent figures in the food movement will explore how our food system works, and what we can do to make it more healthful, equitable, and sustainable.

All lectures are free and open to the public with registration. Lectures will also be streamed live online.

Voices of the Movement

Back in November, Edible Schoolyard Berkeley chef teachers Esther Cook and Nick Lee led a cooking class at a K-8... More
The basic idea of cover-cropping is to sow seed over ground that would otherwise be bare in the garden or on the farm.... More
Accepting the position as executive chef at my local community college was new for me. Until now, my culinary career... More

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