Our Founding Programs

Beginning with the founding of the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans in 2006, we imagined that the creation of new Edible Schoolyards within diverse schools and programs would demonstrate our conviction that the power of edible education is universal. Proving that the program is effective across a wide spectrum of cultures, climates, organizations, and funding models enables us to successfully campaign for a mandate for edible education for every child in America.

Our affiliation with six outstanding programs around the country illustrates this objective. These programs, titled the Founding Edible Schoolyards, represent some of the best in edible education around the country. Each program is a pioneer and innovator in a particular aspect of edible education, whether it be ingenious use of growing techniques in cold climates, revolutionary lunch service, or the ability to offer agricultural experiences in the heart of a food desert.

While our online network highlights programs and individuals worldwide, the Founding Edible Schoolyards are the backbone of our efforts and together expand Alice Waters’s vision for fostering hands-on learning, healthier food choices, and respect for one another and the land. 



The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley, California

The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley has always had at its core a teaching rigor that takes the very best of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of experiential learning and integrates those techniques to breathe life into the curriculum of the school. — Alice Waters 
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The Edible Schoolyard at FirstLine Charter Schools, New Orleans, Louisiana

Our first affiliate in New Orleans was established in a climate of great need, one year after Hurricane Katrina. The program has flourished and has created an atmosphere of healing within the community. Children who are part of ESY NOLA know that they are cared for. Their clever fundraising efforts and parent classes have become a model for other programs seeking to extend their work beyond the school’s boundaries. — Alice Waters

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The Edible Schoolyard at Hunters Point Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club, San Francisco, California

Having established an Edible Schoolyard within the network of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco has allowed the program to reach children who otherwise would not have access to real food, let alone an edible education. The Boys & Girls Club is dedicated to the care of children and the Edible Schoolyard has seamlessly integrated itself into its work simultaneously transforming the culture of food at the club. — Alice Waters

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The Edible Schoolyard at Larchmont Charter School, Los Angeles, California

Every day at lunch, students at Larchmont are served delicious, farm-fresh, organic meals. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains become familiar and students become courageous eaters who are willing to try new and interesting foods. The food service program at the Edible Schoolyard at Larchmont transforms the daily school meal from a refueling station into a nourishing and inspiring moment in the day. — Alice Waters

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The Edible Schoolyard at the Greensboro Children’s Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina

Partnering with a Children’s Museum, an institution with an already proven track record of success in interactive education, validates the success of teaching curricula via a kitchen and garden. ESY Greensboro reaches so many children in different ways and has become a valued tool in experiential learning within the museum. — Alice Waters

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Edible Schoolyard NYC, New York, New York

Edible Schoolyard NYC is establishing our vision of an edible education in the largest public school system in the nation. They are dedicated to working within New York City's public school system to bring the city's 1.1 million public school students into a new and positive relationship to food. After experiencing wonderful success with their first showcase school in Brooklyn, they are now working at six schools in three boroughs and providing support for educators to create and develop their own programs at schools across the city. — Alice Waters



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The Edible Schoolyard at North Country School and Camp Treetops, Lake Placid, New York

Partnering with the true pioneer in edible education has been incredibly valuable for the Edible Schoolyard Project. North Country School and Camp Treetops have been giving children the experience of being a part of nature and the food system for 90 years and their experience is invaluable, as is their approach to working in a cold climate. — Alice Waters

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