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Since it's inception in 1997, I have been Chef Teacher in the Edible Schoolyard kitchen classroom. Over the past fourteen years I have developed a portfolio of innovative kitchen lessons linked to classroom curriculum and life skills. I brought years of cooking experience to the position as founding Chef Teacher. I have worked the line in Bay Area restaurants, baked bread into the midnight hours in New Hampshire, and catered for Garden District folks in New Orleans. I  collaborated with local theater and bookbinding artists to teach cooking, book-making and storytelling to immigrant children in Oakland, my home of 30 years. While working as a line cook at Citron in Oakland, I  volunteered for Market Cooking for Kids – a CUESA program that linked local farms and chefs to public schools to provide hands-on cooking experiences to the students. It was the profound staying power of these interactions with youth that led me to pursue teaching cooking to children. I grew up on a farm in rural New England, where meals came from the garden and were shared around the table with family and friends. As an adult the quality of those times informs the experience I strives to create with her students. It is my belief that the kitchen is a natural classroom brimming with delicious educational opportunities.

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