Karen Swan

Program Affiliations


I am the Youth Leadership Programs Director at the Center for Land-Based Learning. This means I get to work on our FARMS Leadership Program, GreenCorps summer youth employment and internship program, and our College Access program in partnership with UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute. I also get to help connect our program alumni with further opportunities to continue learning and leading in sustainability, food, environmental science, and other agriculture related fields.

Some of the things I love about my job are planning hands-on action packed FARMS field days; mentoring individual students, especially when it includes helping them get through the many steps between high school and their first day of college; and connecting our program participants and alums with more resources that inspire them (and me!) and help them reach their goals. This includes finding scholarships for them to go to Range Camp, taking them to visit the EOP office at their dream college; attending events such as The Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony; and volunteering together as Earthwatch Expedition fellows.

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Last updated April 18, 2012