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Click here to watch a webinar on the Edible Schoolyard Network featuring:

  • Homepage: This outlines the various key offerings of the site (the hero highlights our mission and current events/exciting announcements, below that is a display of featured programs and resources which change each week, below that are the latest blog posts
  • Network: This is where our world map lives. It documents all of the programs that have joined the network
  • Resources: You can search for and/or upload a resource
  • Sample member profile: Creating a member profile is the first step in joining the site. Check out the tabs at the bottom: Shared Resources, Favorite Resource, Libraries. Additional information here.
  • Sample program profile: To have your program show up on the map, a member creates a profile for their program. Check out the various tabs at the bottom: Members, Resources, Libraries. Additional information here.
  • Blog: This is one of our favorite ways to tell the stories of influencers in the movement and recognize the work of our members
  • Recommended Reading: A collection of edible education news from around the world.
  • In the News: A collection of edible education events recommended by and for our members.
  • Discussion Forum: An opportunity to connect with Network members in real time
  • Newsletter Archive: Newsletters are sent out weekly to all Network members who elect to receive updates providing a curated look into the past week's activities on the Network and in the movement. 
  1. To become a member of edibleschoolyard.org click "Become a Member" in the top right hand corner of the homepage.
  2. You will be taken through steps to complete a member registration form
  3. The form asks for your most basic information. After you register, be sure to add your photo, bio and social media links by clicking "Edit Profile" on your member profile.

If you have just become a member you will be guided by a confirmation page to either join your program that has previously been added to the network or create a new program profile.

If you are already a member, login to your member profile (click "Log In" on the top right of the homepage). Next go to the map by clicking "Search for a Program" under the Network primary navigation.

  1. To Create a Program
    1. Once you fill out the program profile form your program will be listed and searchable on the network map .
  2. To Join or Claim a program
    1. Enter the search criteria for your program on the network map .
    2. Find and select your program from the search results .
    3. Click "Join this Program" or "Claim this program" on the left hand column of your program's profile .
    4. The program admin will be notified of your request by email .
    5. You will be notified by email once your request has been approved
  1. Program Profile Manager (PPM) by default is the creator of the program profile.
  2. Program Admin (PA) is a PPM approved member who can edit program profiles & approve program members. Note:
    1. Only the PPM receives join requests notifications.
    2. There can be multiple PAs There can only be one PPM.
    3. You can be a PPM and PA to muliple programs.
    4. PPM and PA can tag their uploaded resources & libraries to their program(s). (See "Resources" and "Libraries" tabs on your program profile.)
  3. Program Member (PM):
    1. PMs cannot edit the program profile or approve program members.
    2. PMs can tag their uploaded resources & libraries to their program(s). (See "Resources" and "Libraries" tabs on your program profile.)
    3. You can be a PM of multiple programs.
  1. Make sure you are signed in under the current  Program Profile Manager (PPM) or Program Admin's (PA) account in order to approve member join requests.
  2. On your program profile, click the orange “Manage Members” button.
  3. On the Manage Members page you will see a list of member(s) with two or three Action options (depending on the members' membership status): Approve, Remove, Make Admin. Choose the applicable option.
  4. Note, if you remove a member in error you will need to ask the member to request to join again.
  1. Make sure you are signed in under the current PPM's account in order to switch a Program Member (PM) or Program Admin (PA) to the to the Program Profile Manager (PPM) role.
  2. On your program profile, click the orange “Manage Members” button
  3. The PPM's name will be listed at the top of the page. Under the Action column, click “Change the Program Profile Manager”.
  4. You will be taken to the bottom of your program profile form where you will remove the current PPM's username. Begin typing the first and last name (no space) of the user you wish to replace you.
  5. Once you have found the correct user, click “Save” and the PPM change will be updated.
  6. To check, on your saved program profile click the “Members” tab. The new PPM will be listed on top, followed by PA and lastly the PMs. You can also verify on the “Manage Member” page.
  1. To search for a resource click the button located under the Resources menu.
  2. Use the search fields provided, selecting all applicable filters.
  3. Click "Search" and you will see your resource results below
  1. Make sure you are on the resource upload template. This template can also be found under the Resources menu. 
  2. Title, Type and Summary are mandatory fields. Please fill out the filter check boxes as well so that people understand more about the lesson plan, its intended age group, etc.
  3. Under "Audience" you will want to check off your program profile's name. This is an important step so that the resource is tied to your program profile. Without checking off your program, this lesson wont show up on your program profile page.
  4. Upload a photo for your resource. "Choose file" under the "Image" section of the template.
  5. In the "Summary" field, please provide a description/introduction for your resource.
  6. The fields beneath "Summary" ("Objectives", "Materials", etc.) are editable. If you leave the fields blank they will not appear on your published resource.
  7. If you are uploading a composed document (word doc, PDF), you can skip the steps beneath "Summary" and scroll down to the "File" upload section. For a PDF upload: go to "Files" and choose your lesson from your computer to upload.
  8. Use the URL section to link out to supporting information or the resource itself, e.g. a video on YouTube or Vimeo.
  9. Feel free to add tags if you would like. Tags make your resource more easily searchable.
  10. Press "Publish" when you're finished. You can access the resource under the Resources tab on your member and/or program profile.
  11. Choose "Save for Later" if you have more work to do on your resource. You can access the draft version under the Resources tab on your member profile. Only you can see a resource in draft mode.

This mapping tool enables individual programs to highlight associations with national organizations that support their work. Learn more about our current PFC's here

To add a Partner For Change Organization to Your Program Profile:

  1. Login to your member profile on edibleschoolyard.org
  2. On your member profile, click your program’s name
  3. On your program profile, click “Edit Profile”
  4. On the program profile form, under the “Program Affiliation” section, select the Partners for Change organization(s) that currently support your program.  Save your changes.
  5. To see your program on the Network Map:
    1. Go to Network Map.
    2. Select your Partner for Change organizations from the “Advanced Search” menu and click “Search”.
    3. You will see the results both on the map and in list form below the map.
    4. We encourage you to connect with fellow attendees. Click on the program name to access the program and member profiles and contact them using the “@Send Message” button.
Email Emilie for questions about:
  • Partners for Change
  • Bugs or broken features
Email Hannah for questions about:
  • Member profiles
  • Program profiles
  • Resources
  • Map
  • Blog
  • Newsletter