Evidence-based practice: Make Connections to Home and Community

Published June 2, 2016
Subject: Professional Development
Place of Learning: Garden
Resource Type: Research and Policy
Grade Level: Adults/Professionals
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Teaching in Nature's Classroom collects fifteen core principles, representing best practices in garden-based education. The principles are intended to inform sound pedagogy and illustrate why gardens are such essential centers both for learning and for promoting childhood health.

Each principle is drawn from author Nathan Larson's fifteen years of experience teaching and working in school and community youth gardens. They have also been developed, tested, and refined through years of practice by many garden educators. 

Evidence-based practice

The book illustrates the principles with representative pictures and stories from the field and links them to the growing international body of research supporting garden-based education. By connecting good practice and research, Larson and his collaborators at the Environmental Design Lab demonstrate how each of Teaching in Nature's Classroom's principles is an evidence-based practice.

Excerpt: Make Connections to Home and Community

"Children gain a profound feeling of accomplishment when they are given an opportunity to provide for their families…The garden itself can serve as a valuable community resource that brings parents and neighbors together…inviting the entire community to participate in the building of their school or community youth garden will promote community-wide excitement and solidarity around the garden learning environment." 

Read more: The above is an excerpt from Teaching in Nature's Classroomdownload or request a free copy of the book.

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Illustrations from Teaching in Nature's Classroom, copyright Becky Redelings and Nathan Larson.