The Edible Schoolyard Curriculum Discussion Tool

Published August 31, 2017
Subject: Professional Development
Place of Learning: Garden, Kitchen
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Kyle Cornforth
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The Edible Schoolyard Curriculum Discussion Tool provides a framework for educators to observe and provide feedback to each other on the lessons they teach. This tool can help teachers assess how accessible their lessons are to students of various cultures and gather feedback around their facilitation of the lesson.

Pre-Lesson Review

Lesson Name:

Lesson Goals:


Race, Gender, Class, Family Structure, Religion, Ability, Sexuality


Visual Aids, Words on the Page, Food, Recipes, Activities

Pedagogical Approach

Does the lesson write up:

  • Provide opportunities for students to learn about self and identity
  • Help to shift assumptions and dominant stories about what is normal (re: family, race, class/economics, food)
  • Present opportunities for critical thinking - especially about identity and access to resources
  • Integrate constructive ideas from students or community
  • Provide historical context for present-day inequities
  • Include exploration of how identity differently impacts various groups of people
  • Incorporate different learning modalities – visuals, body based learning etc
  • Incorporate visual aids that are representative of different cultures and experiences
  • Provide opportunities to take action on issues that affect students and their communities
  • Provide opportunities for students to think critically about good vs healthy vs unhealthy and the attachment to morality in our culture
  • Provide opportunities for student talk time
  • Align with academic/classroom standards
  • Align with the EE framework



During the Lesson

During this class session, I would like the observer to pay particular attention to, and give me feedback on the following:

How does the lesson meet the stated goals and outcomes from the lesson review?

I saw....



I thought...



Practice & Feedback

  • What “worked” particularly well during this class session? Were there any small-group activities, assignments, or teaching strategies that were particularly effective?
  • Was there a point during this class session when the teacher “lost” student engagement? If so, what do you think caused it? How did the teacher react, what did they do to regain student attention? Did that work?
  • Did conversation around social power, oppression, or access, arise as a result of the curriculum or organically? Do you see opportunities to develop that?
Post Lesson Discussion


Did the lesson accomplish the stated goals




Proactive teaching strategies




How did the teacher react in the moment



Changes / Notes:



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