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Published March 30, 2017 | Updated April 3, 2017
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Place of Learning: Support Organization
Resource Type: Program Management
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Roan Boucher

AORTA began officially working together as a group in 2010, but the beginnings of this zine were hatched well before then! Ever since we each started facilitating trainings and workshops as individuals, we've been developing resources and engaging in critical dialogue that has, over the years, informed and refined not only our curriculum, but also how we work. We proudly present many of those resources for you, in this zine!

Through our work, we have the opportunity to connect with incredible organizers, activists, students, co-operators, artists, and rabble rousers, and we learn something new from each group! We truly believe that supporting the work of local and (inter)national organizers and educators can open up channels of communication, collaboration, shared strategies, and strategically synchronize aspects of teh Left to build stronger and smarter movements.

That being said, we are so glad to present to you our Spring 2014 Resource Zine. Thanks for being a part of all of this! We welcome your input and look forward to continuing to refine these resources, as well as develop more and more!

  • Anti-Oppressive Meeting Facilitation
    • What is facilitation, anyway?
    • Containers for your meetings
    • The magic of an agenda
    • Tips, tools, techniques
  • Fighting the Systems
    • Levels and types of oppression
    • The Titanic metaphor
    • Additional Resources
  • Infiltration
    • Questions to consider
    • Tactics for interrupting and change-making
  • The Way We Do The Things We Do
  • Deconstructing Ableism
  • About AORTA

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