Google Hangout: Training Garden-based Educators

Published January 9, 2013 | Updated July 11, 2013
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Place of Learning: Garden
Resource Type: Program Management
Grade Level: College/University, Adults/Professionals
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Emilie Gioia
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In our first Google Hangout on the topic of training garden-based educators, the Edible Schoolyard Project spoke with five programs to hear about different training models and their strategies for creating and sustaining school garden programs.

Featured Participants and Programs

John Fisher, Garden Director, Life Lab and California School Garden Training Program
Whitney Cohen, Education Director, Life Lab
Ellen Robinson, Programs and Services Manager, REAL School Gardens
Jane Hirschi, Executive Director, CitySprouts
Kyle Cornforth, Director, The Edible Schoolyard Berkeley

Moderators: Stacey Slate and Emilie Gioia, The Edible Schoolyard Project

Google Hangout Video


I'm so glad you found this Google Hangout to be useful, Jill! You can search for and directly contact any of the programs through our website should you have any questions to ask!

2 years ago

Thanks for this! We launched the School Garden Resource Center here at Common Ground in New Haven, CT last fall and I am in the process RIGHT NOW of planning our first garden coordinator training. Hearing from these experienced folks was VERY helpful!!

2 years ago

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